Alutaz,  Ukraine

Ukrainians ask: support us by protesting against the war and showing your support.

I was a couple of days silent because I honestly didn’t have any words to describe my thoughts and feelings about the events that happened the last couple of days. Unless you live under a rock, I assume you’re aware of the current Ukraine/Russia situation.

Unfortunately, my father (and other family members) is in Ukraine at this moment, and he didn’t have any words either. ‘What can I say what hasn’t been said already by others?’ he asked me when I told him I can write and translate to English and Dutch if he has something to say to the world.

Then, I asked him this: if you would be in front of the world and have the chance to say something, what would you say?

His response: “stop the war and protest against it.”

No matter what happens, violence is never the solution. Don’t judge the Russian soldiers, because even they are not told the whole truth regarding the reasons for the actions. Even some of them were forced to go to the war.

How can you help?

It is simple. No matter where you are or who you are, you can use your skills, recourses, knowledge, etc. Do the best you can with the recourses you have and support Ukraine. If you have skills, donate your skills; if you have money, donate your money (only official organisations/channels!); if you have the chance to go outside to protest, then protest. It’s up to you. Whatever feels good to you. Do it.

Don’t judge; take action!

Do the best you can. Believe in your influence and don’t underestimate your power, because even a little thing you do can have a big influence (just ask mosquitoes 🪰😋👌).

My dearest family and friends in Ukraine (and dad, hi 🙋), we pray for you and even from a distance, we try to support you with whatever we can. And to my friends of Maiorshchyna, my father told me everything about your fearlessness and eagerness to go to the war. We’re very proud of you. 🇺🇦