Some managers profit from their financial responsibility

The small purchase of tens of euros is a small percentage compared to ten thousand euros of purchases made by an organisation, or rather, by the company’s representative who manages its financial matters, especially if a company is a million-dollar organisation. Therefore, it’s unworthy for the tax authorities to look into the minor details of a small receipt when an organisation makes such big profits. However, it’s an unpleasant experience and a difficult position for the employees who work under their superiors who request to make the wrong booking and are aware of the on purpose created situation, especially if it is a recurring pattern.

A confident, dominant manager who tells their employee not to worry about the little 75 euros purchase receipt, which mentions personal purchases as well, besides the regular office supply, and that they will take care of it is a real-life scenario. What about the managers who tell their employees not to waste time being a nitpicky pain in the ass about immateriality and focusing on more important tasks? Some superiors even lie to their staff regarding the purchases by, for example, telling them the company’s building needed maintenance while, in reality, the company is funding their house renovation. Employees who know it’s a lie will probably be afraid or think it’s not worth their energy confronting their managers if they suspect it’s a lie.

The unfairness the employees experience noticing the hypocrisy of their superiors who micromanage them and demand an explanation of each little action while they’re stealing from the company is fully present. Yet, the balance of power and other reasons prevent the employees from taking any action, resulting in dissatisfaction in their current occupation and eventually switching to the new one.

How many organisations are dealing with employees who snack from the company assets? What is the total loss when summing up the personal expenses wrongly booked in as company expenses? Is it even possible to investigate and measure the damage? It’s unknown.

To avoid consistency in lying, an intelligent manager may show the same behaviour when telling both the lies and the truth, making it difficult to determine their intentions. The employees may feel insecure about losing their job or fear their boss’s reaction, so they stay quiet. Many people dealing with this daily have their hands full with other responsibilities and problems to wonder if it’s a problem worth diving deeper into it.

Some people are unaware of this issue, and some believe it’s too much of a hassle to do something about it. As long as there are no complaints or reports, the problem doesn’t exist.

This makes me wonder, is this one of the supporting arguments for why the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer?

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Source picture: pexels