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It is time to pay back to our mother earth by improving our state of being and mind and creating awareness

Let us get to the heart of the matter; you and I need to change. We need to improve the world by starting with improving ourselves. The time has come, and the urge is high.

We want to make the world a better place, but we don’t know how to because there is a dis-balance in our state of being and mind. We have to restore this dis-balance by understanding and improving it.

Waste. Waste. Waste.

It’s 2021. We have enough of everything for everybody. We produce enough food to feed the whole wide world, and we have enough resources to meet everybody’s basic needs. Money makes our life easier and not happier after a certain point, and the secret to happiness is helping others. This is it, guys; it’s time to stop wasting our time and money and use them wisely and efficiently by focusing on fixing global issues: ourselves, everything around us and, of course, our mother earth.

Yet, we are still buying expensive and unnecessary products, which lose their value the next day. We keep following rich and beautiful people on social media and hope we can be as wealthy and perfect as them one day, not realising that some lifestyles are not for everybody (thank God!) and that there is more than meets the eye. Yes, even the rich and the famous long for a normal life and want to be treated like normal people.

We are preoccupied with our busy lives: we have families, friends, careers, hobbies. We rarely pause, reflect, and understand our behaviour and thoughts, not knowing that this understanding is the key to improving the world. We waste too much of our time and money on products and people we don’t need in our lives.

Let me emphasise that there is nothing wrong with buying material goods or enjoying being entertained by certain people. There is also nothing wrong with having quality time with our loved ones and do what we love. However, sometimes, we go too far. I believe we have to be more conscious about what we do by understanding the ‘why’ behind our motives. We can do that by starting with dividing our focus by understanding the differences between our (1) needs, (2) preferences, (3) functionalities, and (4) emotions.

In short:
(1) Need: I buy potatoes because I need to eat.
(2) Preference: I buy sweet potatoes because I prefer this kind.
(3) Functionality: I buy a smartphone X because I need to send emails, edit a photo, communicate with colleagues, have a fast Internet connection.
(4) Emotion: I buy a more expensive model X instead of a cheaper model Y because I want to belong.

The need, preference and functionality speak for themselves. The emotion is the one that needs to have attention because waste happens when we act on negative emotions.

Emotions explained

Every emotion we have originates from our two driving forces. These forces are the deep-rooted motives for every single thing we think and do. There is love, and there is fear. Every driving force has a purpose. Love is responsible for creation and growth and fear for protection. Every other emotion (e.g., joy, anger, etc.) is like a mutation that origins from these two basic emotions. The negative emotions come from fear — which is nothing more than ‘lack of love’ — and the positive emotions originate from love.

Negative emotions

We usually avoid negative emotions and focus only on positive emotions, and I believe we need to welcome them both and accept them as part of our lives. Yes, agreed, we don’t need to dwell too long on negative emotions. However, it doesn’t mean we need to avoid them, which usually happens because we don’t pause, reflect and understand our actions out of fear or ignorance.

By avoiding negative emotions, we create suppression. This suppression can lead to physical stress on our bodies and mental health conditions. What happens when we are experiencing physical and psychological problems? We suppress even more by treating the symptoms instead of the cause. We go to the doctor and ask for medication, and we seek distraction by doing whatever lies in our comfort zone and fits our lifestyle.

Negative emotions have the same purpose as physical pain — something is wrong. Sometimes, it’s okay to treat the symptoms first because we cannot think clearly with too much pain. However, it is better to understand the origin of the cause and treat it once and for all. It’s like when we use a fire extinguisher (I hope not too often); we need to aim at the base of the fire and not at the flames.

In layman’s terms:
(1) when we feel good, we do what we love, which results in creating and growing because nothing holds us back, and the possibilities are infinite.
(2) when we feel bad, we do what we need to comfort ourselves. We don’t grow because we are too busy with comforting instead of improving ourselves.

When we comfort ourselves by focusing on distractions (people, activities), we feel even worse because we don’t resolve our issues but deny them. We add more weight to other people’s opinions; we praise, blame and forgive them instead of ourselves, which, actually, should be the other way around.

Improving the state of being and mind

We need to go through the ‘negative’ experiences now and then because we have to understand pain before fixing it, and we have to fall before we can fly. We also need to love ourselves first before sharing this love with others.

I believe the time has come: we have to take responsibility to improve the world and take it to the next level. We are the ones who have created the obstacles, so we are the ones who have to remove them by fixing ourselves and eventually everything around us.

No, we don’t need to blame the previous generations for stealing our childhoods, dreams and creating a bad environment; we need to forgive them by focusing on the future and taking responsibility. We cannot blame those who did their best with the knowledge and resources they had. And let’s be honest: we have now more knowledge and recourses than the generations before us, like the generation after us will also be more evolved and developed than our generation.

It is the next stage of the evolution of our consciousness

You and I have to take responsibility for everything that is happened in the past, is happening in the present, and will happen in the future by healing (1) ourselves, (2) everything around us and eventually… (3) our home planet; the mother earth.

Changes take time, and that is okay. Let’s start with awareness and understanding. 🙂

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