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Everybody has their own story to tell

Sometimes, I see some interesting posts passing by on LinkedIn. People write about the importance of open-mindedness and how it is essential to understand that we are all different and unique. Yet, the same people are criticising others for their behaviour and opinion. It’s okay; we are all doing it. We only know our inner world, so it’s no surprise that we have an idea of how our world should be, and we try to correct those who are not fitting in this outer world of ours. However, everybody has their own story to tell, and everybody is right. 

You and I are special… or not

We have to realise that we have one opinion in common; we think we are the ones who are always right in everything and that we are more special and valuable than others. We are these fantastic and unique unicorns. But you know what? We are fantastic and unique unicorns, but we are all of the same value. That is the difference we forget about. 

You and I are right… or not

If you and I both think we are right, who is actually correct? Nobody and everybody. People are different; thoughts are different. It is not about who is wrong and right; it is all about accepting that everybody is right in their own way. Because wanting to be right is actually a hidden message from the ego which says: I am important and I matter, therefore I am right. If I am not wrong, then I am not important, and I don’t matter. 

Correcting others shouldn’t be about proving your right; it should be about supporting each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Because we all have the same goal: we should be the best versions of ourselves because being the best versions of ourselves means improving the world and make it more beautiful. 

I don’t know, maybe we need some time and mistakes to make for realising that? Oh well, we are probably just too preoccupied with our exciting lives to think about these things. 😉 

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