Enhancing my Blogging with AI: Empowering Positive Change in the World

Someone asked me what I think about AI (ChatGPT) because it can replace my work as a blogger. I am actually very excited, and I will tell you why. 

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. While some people fear that AI will replace human jobs and lead to an overall decline in the quality of life, I see it as a tool to help us build a better world

Most people want one thing: to grow. We all want to make the world more beautiful, and we have two ways (driving forces) of doing that:

1. We want to build a beautiful environment for our loved ones – I call these people the builders (masculine energy = creation)

2. We want to care for our loved ones – I call them the caretakers (feminine energy = love).

People’s other desires are simply outcomes of two primary preferences mentioned above: creation and love. Although one is always more dominant than the other, both are present in each individual, both are of equal value, and one cannot exist without the other. 

The builders create the environment for the caretakers, and the caretakers take care of the(ir) builders. The builders need a reason to build, and the caretakers need a reason to care. 

How can AI help us? 

There is already enough detailed information about AI’s benefits you can find online, so I will skip the whole story and tell you a more concise summary:

AI is a perfect complaint-free and error-free (ish) assistant that can quickly ensure efficiency, cost reduction, and analysis of whatever you need. 

If you’re a builder, you want to create, and with AI, you can create more, faster, better etc. If you are a caretaker, you are not interested in being too preoccupied with the building. You may want to know a little about it, but your main focus is to care, which needs human-to-human contact. 

What about? 

The writers…

1. If you’re a fiction writer, you still need to enter a request and correct the AI if the story starts to diverge from your intention. 2. If you want to express yourself through writing, then you should express yourself through writing and use AI for rewriting a sentence or checking the grammar. 3. If you’re an editor, you must provide input for the correct output.

It will remain your expertise as a writer; it will only enhance your work and save you time.

The children…

They still need to learn the information to pass the supervised exam, and I am sure they can get supervision when writing an essay. Much information is available online, so why should they memorize it? Learning how and where to search for information should be the focus. If memorizing is a purpose for a specific development in the parts of the brain, we need to provide exercises that stimulate those parts of the brain and/or give oral exams. If everything can be written and answered for the children, then we need to teach them to ask the right questions and correct & replace information instead of writing.

A new era needs a new approach; that’s all. Yes, it is challenging; luckily, we have enough people with more time for these challenges. And finally, with AI supporting them, teachers can have more time for their student’s personal development. 

Of course, there is a side-effect, but instead of focusing on the disadvantages, we can focus on improving them and focusing on the possibilities. 

This blog was written by 70% of myself and 30% of my good old friend ChatGPT. 😉