Why Alutaz?

I am very sceptical of people who say, ‘I am the best in my field!’ No matter how bad I love confidence and enthusiasm, I am also realistic and critical about myself and others. There are too many different people with too many different needs. I mean, don’t fall for people who tell you the most amazing things without doing some work for you first and without getting to know you. You are unique, and that is how you need to be treated. 

Through the years, I build a solid portfolio of what I did for different individuals and businesses. My core business is writing deepmeaningful, well-founded and unique texts and offering efficient solutions to brand improvement. In short, I write stuff in the broadest sense and support different companies with improving their brand. 

As I want to protect my customers and remain impartial, I won’t share a portfolio on my website. However, you can read my stuff on my website or ask me for specific info if you like. My text is original, and I also write in Dutch. 🙂 

Honesty and Integrity

If I feel that we are not a match because I can’t offer you the right service, I will decline your request because everybody is different and has different needs. I prefer meaningful work over money, and I would love to make other freelancers happy if they are a better match for you.

Quality over Quantity 

I prefer quality over quantity, which means if you want to have quality, I need to get to know you and your needs. It is good to connect with people because you can build something beautiful with mutual trust.

Learning Together

I like critical customers because it helps me grow as a person and as a freelancer. However, expect the same treatment. I will help you and/or your company grow, which sometimes means that I also need to be critical for the greater good.


Everybody has a unique and authentic story to tell. If you want to have a thirteen in a dozen style blog to rank you higher in Google, then I am honestly not the right person for that. Of course, I can write you an SEO friendly blog, but I want to look further than that. I want to offer you an amazing, well-written story with depth and beauty.

Modesty and Sustainability 

Keep it cool and keep it real. We are all unique in our way, yet we are of the same value. I believe in good relationships with people, and I believe in a beautiful future.

Are we a match? 

I can say that I am the most fantastic writer and problem solver in the world, but, of course, you want to know if I can keep my promise. I can’t say if we are a match without knowing you and your needs. We need to have a conversation about what you need and what I can offer you.

Many people write customers’ reviews on their website, but I am not convinced that it automatically applies to customer Y if customer X is a happy customer. I know that people ‘ask their clients’ to write something because the clients are usually too lazy to write a review (myself included :p) on their own. I also wonder if someone who has a bad review will place it on their website. Sorry, just being honest! 😉 The world is a big market; there is something for everyone. Use your good judgement. And besides, you can always have a ‘free of charge’ chat if you have doubts. 🙂 

Indication of the costs

I will give you an ‘indication‘ of the rate, but it is always a ‘customised service‘, as it depends on many factors. For example, there is a difference between a scientific blog that requires a lot of research, fact and source checking and a spiritual blog written from a subjective point of view which needs just a little fact-checking. It also depends if you need plain text or more focus on the SEO, meta-text, a photo without copyrights etc. So again, it really depends on the subject, lengthtime limit, the complexity of the text, etc. 

* Blog in Dutch or English 
* 1000 (ish) words 
* Research 
* SEO 
* Meta-text 
* Picture without any copyrights 
* EUR 300,- excl VAT 
* Tip! It is cheaper to subscribe for x blogs per month. Contact me for more info. 

Do you want an interesting ‘about me‘ text or an article about your company/services/products? The possibilities are endless.

‘Dayum, that’s a lot of money’. 

Yes, it is, but let me tell you why it is also not if you look at it from a long-term perspective. 

There is a difference between products and services. If you buy a tablet, you hold something ‘physical’ in your hands to use it. Service – a blog in this case – is not something you can touch; it is a piece of information. Service is not a physical object but an activity, which is difficult to determine the value on long-term. This way, unconsciously, you are reluctant to pay for something you cannot touch or use. However, a product is something that you need to maintain and replace one day. A service (a good one!) adds something to you or your company that keeps increasing its value.

You can compare it with a financial investment; you pay for something and get more in return. In fact, I believe you even get more in return because you are not only getting eventually more money in return, but you also get:

✅an expression of you or your organisation which you can share with the whole world ➔ people will know who you are and/or what you do

✅a permanent footprint of you or your organisation ➔ an online stage

✅a connection with your audience ➔ a surrounding with like-minded people 

✅a solution by giving an answer which can build mutual trust between you and your audience ➔ you help your peeps by giving them what they want by showing your expertise 

The result? 

✅If someone knows you, they are more likely to buy your product or service because they trust, like, and know you and your company

✅Frequent writings build a long-term relationship with your peeps, which means

➔ they are likely to spread the word 

➔ they will come back for more 

✅Everybody who has a problem googles for a solution or approach you because you have all the answers on your website 😉

I also believe that writing good stuff is time-consuming if it is not your main activity. That time you can use for another aspect of your business. Honestly? I am happy to pay for a service that helps me to improve my business and saves me a lot of time and frustration if I’d do it myself. Of course, you have to choose what you invest in as there are more tools to increase your or your company’s value. 🙂

‘Why should I use your services instead of someone else’s?’

I like pink, yellow and green, but it doesn’t mean everybody has to pick these colours. It doesn’t mean these colours are better than blue and red. The same applies to the services someone provides. We are different people with different needs. McDonald’s and Burger King can exist next to each other and be unique in their way. The same applies to other services and products. I am not better than another writer; I am a different writer. I can only share my story and my expertise with you. 🙂 

If you have any questions, let me know!
Thank you for reading